Understanding The Definitions in Your Long-Term Disability Policy for Own Occupation to Any Occupation

Most ERISA Group Long-Term Disability Policies pay disability benefits for the first two years you may qualify for disability benefits under your policy’s definition of “own occupation”.   It is important to know what your long-term disability policy’s definition of “own occupation” is defined as.  The definition in these group policies can vary with many different versions of a definition for “own occupation”.  Certain policies may use the term “regular occupation” instead of “own occupation”.  It is extremely important to understand not only the definition of your “own occupation”, but all the definitions in your long-term disability policy.  In most ERISA Group policies, after two years of benefits have been paid for your “own occupation” period, the definition then changes to “any occupation”.   If you do not have a copy of your long-term disability policy, we would recommend you request the policy and review the definitions so you know what you need to do in order to qualify to receive these benefits.  Just because you have the policy in place, does not automatically mean you will receive the long-term disability benefits because your doctor says you can’t work.  There are many definitions and variations of definitions that you need to be aware of.   We will be happy to review your long-term disability policy free of charge and answer any questions you may have.

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