Treating Doctor v. Insurance Company’s Doctor

Long-term disability claims primarily involve gathering the right information from your doctors in order to show an accurate picture of your limitations and inability to work based on the definitions in your policy.  Many times the insurance company will attempt to contradict the opinions of your doctor by sending your medical records to an “independent” (peer review/insurance company) doctor.  The insurance company doctor does not know you and has never even seen you, yet often times, will support the insurance company’s decision to deny benefits.  At Cody Allison & Associates, PLLC, our attorneys can effectively argue against the insurance company doctor’s review based on the credentials of the doctor, their bias, as well as the quality of the review itself.

The case law in the Sixth Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals shows that in an ERISA long-term disability decision, the treating doctor of the claimant should be given adequate weight to insure a fair decision is being made.  The courts are looking to see if the insurance company acted arbitrarily and capriciously in denying benefits. They are prohibited from relying solely on their “hired guns” when making a decision.

Every case is different.  Just like you are a unique individual, your case is unique as well.

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