RSD and CRPS Long-Term Disability Claims

Chronic pain can have a devastating affect on the life of anyone it touches.  RSD (“Reflex Sympathetic Disorder”) /CRPS (“Complex Regional Pain Syndrome”) is a chronic neuro-inflammatory disorder which causes extreme pain.  It is classified as a rare condition by the United States Food and Drug Administration.  This pain disorder is difficult to diagnose and is often seen as “exaggerated” by those not experiencing it first-hand.  RSD/CRPS can affect daily life activities and the ability to work.

At Cody Allison & Associates, we see many denied long-term disability insurance claims related to this disorder.  In many cases we spend a great deal of time going over the client’s medical records to determine if the documentation related to these claims is sufficient.  Many times the insurance company will not thoroughly discuss your condition with your treating doctors, if at all, before denying the claim.  Our job is to make sure that we locate and dissect the documentation that does exist, then contact your doctors to supplement any deficiencies in documentation before the claim advances.   Time is of the essence.  If you are suffering from chronic pain and a long-term disability insurance company doesn’t believe your pain is real, or severe, we can help.  Our team of dedicated legal professionals fight long-term disability insurance companies every day.

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