How do I obtain a copy of my long-term disability policy?

If your long-term disability policy is an ERISA plan, through your employer, than you need to request a copy of the policy to the plan administrator.  This is usually the employer in most cases.  The request needs to be in writing and send the request certified return receipt mail via United States Postal Service.  Failure by an administrator to provide you with a copy of your long-term disability policy within 30 days of your written request could subject the administrator to a civil penalty of $110.00 per day.   However, the administrator would only be subject to this penalty if a federal lawsuit is filed and the Judge agrees to fine the administrator.

There are many details and definitions in your long-term disability policy, so you want to make sure you receive a copy of the policy and not just a summary plan description of your policy.

If you have received your long-term disability policy and need help understanding what you may be entitled to, please call Cody Allison & Associates at (615) 234-6000, and we will review your policy free of charge.