Erlanger Health Systems – Chattanooga, TN / ERISA long-term disability benefts at a glance

If you work for Erlanger Health Systems, below is information provided by Erlanger regarding your ERISA disability benefits.


Erlanger Health System offers employees a Long Term Disability Plan. This plan provides financial protection for an employee by paying a portion of the income while they are disabled. The amount received is based on the amount earned before the disability began. In some cases, the employee may receive disability payments even if they work while disabled.

All regular employees in active employment are eligible for the Long Term Disability benefit.

Hour Requirement
Eligible employees must be scheduled to work at least 19.5 hours per week.

Waiting Period
An employee must have 3 years of continuous active employment before Long Term Disability is in effect. For certain upper management, this waiting period will not apply.

Elimination Period
After an employee becomes disabled, benefits begin the day after the elimination period is completed. The elimination period is 6 months.

Monthly Benefit
An employees benefit is 60% of monthly earnings with a maximum benefit per month.
*Executives, Department Heads, Key Managers, Physicians & Dentists:
60% monthly earnings to a maximum benefit of $6,000 per month.
*All other employees:
60% of monthly earnings to a maximum benefit of $2,500 per month.
However, payment may be reduced by deductible sources of income and disability earnings.  Some disabilities may not be covered or may have limited coverage under this plan.

How to Apply
A Long Term Disability Form may be obtained in the Human Resources Department. An employee may apply for Long Term Disability after the 3rd month. However, benefits will not begin until after the 6th month. UnumProvident determines whether or not an employee’s disability is covered under this plan and if benefits will be granted.


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