What is the ERISA “Safe Harbor” Provision And Why Should I Care?

The ERISA “safe harbor” provision is covered under 29 C.F.R. 2510.3-1(j).

If a long-term disability plan, or other employee insurance policy, is excluded from ERISA coverage if it meets the criteria under this provision. The criteria include:

1) The employer makes no monetary contribution to the policy;
2) Employee participation in the policy is completely voluntary;
3) The Employer’s only function, without endorsing the policy, is to allow the insurer to publicize the policy to employees, and collect the premiums through payroll deduction;
4) The only consideration the Employer receives is in the form of an administrative fee for the payroll deduction function.

A policy must meet all four (4) criteria in order to be exempted from ERISA coverage. If these criteria are found to exist, the plan can be exempted under ERISA. Why should Employees / Claimants care if their plan can be exempted under the safe harbor provision of ERISA? The answer is because ERISA favors the Employer/inurance company. When attempting to enforce the payment provisions under the policy, it is to the advantage of the Employee / Claimant if the policy can be exempted from ERISA coverage, thus, the Employee / Claimant can argue coverage (payment) under state law.

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