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Understanding The Definitions in Your Long-Term Disability Policy for Own Occupation to Any Occupation

Most ERISA Group Long-Term Disability Policies pay disability benefits for the first two years you may qualify for disability benefits under your policy’s definition of “own occupation”.   It is important to know what your long-term disability policy’s definition of “own occupation” is defined as.  The definition in these group policies can vary with many different versions […]

Long Term Disability Benefits Wrongfully Denied — Cigna to Pay Over $77 Million

Cigna Insurance Company is one of the top five largest group disability insurance companies in the Country.   Following a very lengthy investigation which began in September, 2009 and was concluded on May 13, 2013 by the Department of Insurance Investigators from the States of California, Maine, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.  The investigation regarding the long-term disability claims […]

How do I obtain a copy of my long-term disability policy?

If your long-term disability policy is an ERISA plan, through your employer, than you need to request a copy of the policy to the plan administrator.  This is usually the employer in most cases.  The request needs to be in writing and send the request certified return receipt mail via United States Postal Service.  Failure […]

Should I Hire a Long-Term Disability Attorney?

http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/should-i-hire-long-term-disability-attorney.html You can call our office at (615) 234-6000.  You can also e-mail our office at cody@codyallison.com.   Put our experience to work for you.  For more information go to www.LTDanswers.com.