Cody Allison and Associates continue to expand its specialties by adding a long-term disability paralegal to the team.

NASHVILLE, Tenn.Barb Krautheim has been announced as the newest member of the Cody Allison team as a Long-Term Disability Paralegal. Krautheim joins the team with 25 years of legal experience, specifically in the ERISA and NON-ERISA Long-Term Disability field. As the Long-Term Disability Paralegal, Krautheim is responsible for speaking to clients during the initial phone call and answering all questions regarding the long-term disability case before scheduling an appointment with attorney Cody Allison. Krautheim handles the client’s case from beginning to end, including scheduling appointments with doctors to acquire about the disability.

Originally from New Jersey, Krautheim moved to Nashville to work full-time for Allison. Krautheim and Allison met while working for different firms in the same office space and have maintained their friendship over the years.

“I enjoy working for Cody Allison and Associates because not only do I get an opportunity to help individuals with disabilities who are truly in need of legal assistance, I also get to know the clients on a personal level and understand what they are going through,” said Krautheim. “It gives me great pleasure knowing that when their case is over, I have helped them and touched their lives in a way that only the clients we represent can understand.”

A day in the life of Krautheim includes reviewing the calendar for approaching deadlines and seeing what needs to be done in order for those deadlines to be met. Krautheim is often on the phone answering and asking questions to her clients. She schedules appointments and reviews medical records, as well as, daily review of documents for each client’s case.

“I have worked for many attorneys throughout my career, and I can honestly say that Cody Allison is by far one of the utmost respectable attorneys I have ever worked for,” praised Krautheim. “I am proud to call him my boss and friend and plan on Cody Allison and Associates to be my last employment until I retire.”

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Attorney Cody Allison is proud to be a Tennessee native. He is originally from Knoxville, Tennessee. Cody is a 1994 graduate of The University of Tennessee (Knoxville) and a 1999 graduate of American Bar Association accredited Mississippi College Law School.

Cody Allison is a member of The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, commissioned 2010 by Governor Steven L. Beshear. Kentucky Colonel is the highest honor awarded by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Commissions for Kentucky Colonels are given by the Governor and the Secretary of State to individuals in recognition of noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service to a community, state, or the nation.